Agency, Enugu lawmakers debates over bribery allegation – Nexus News


Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) has disclosed that one of its troubles is the attempt by a committee of the House of Assembly to extort it (agency).

It stated that its officials it sent to honour the recent call of the House of Assembly Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-Corruption were sent back for reportedly appearing “empty-handed.”

The information was inscribed in a press release by the agency’s spokesman, Gideon Eze, in response to an alleged blackmail by the Chairman of the House Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-corruption, Chinedu Nwamba that the agency ceased to honour the invitation of the house over accusations of land procurement and grabbing.

The agency, which also stated that it had no appropriation for the types of outrageous financial requests, threatened to release damaging documents that could question the integrity of the House of Assembly, if it continues to get further acts of blackmail, harassment and intimidation from the lawmakers.

Eze recalled that the committee in July executed a similar oversight function where inordinate requests were made, but they were opposed by the agency.

“This same Nwamba then reported to our chairman that members of his committee were not happy with what they got from the agency and requested for financial inducement,” he said.

Eze, who stated that the agency would not be diverted in the performance of its duties, urged the public to ignore the opprobrious publication of the Nwamba committee against the ECTDA and its chairman.

Impelling the Speaker of the House of Assembly to call Nwamba to order, to protect the sanctity and integrity of the House, Eze informed the lawmakers that by the law forming the ECTDA, the agency is under the Office of the Governor and it’s only accountable to him.

Responding to a phone chat, Nwamba dismissed the blackmailing accusation and blame the agency of trying to blackmail the committee to force it to end its investigations against the activities of the agency.

Depicting himself and members of his committee as men of integrity, the lawmaker stated that his committee would not be deterred by such accusations “because we’re here to represent the people.”


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