DISCLAIMER: Nigeria Defence Refutes Claims About Dumping Bodies In Mass Grave

Reports on social media have gone viral establishing claims about the military operations of the Nigerian Defense in the North West and North Central part of Nigeria.

One of such reports, which was accompanied by a video to support the claim, alleges that the Nigerian Defence has dumped into mass grave, persons purportedly to have been killed in the incessant military operations in the North West and North Central geographical zones of the country.

This particular video, with the caption “Alhamdulillah. ZamfaraMustSecure”, has been refuted by the Military Defence in a statement on 12 Sept by the Major General
Director Defence Information, Benjamin Olufemi Sawyerr.

The statement read: “It is pertinent to state that the allegation is false and malicious and has no link whatsoever with the operations being conducted by troops of the Armed Forces of Nigeria(AFN).”

“However, it is true that the AFN is presently conducting a successful military operations against bandits and kidnappers in line with it’s constitutional roles. These operations are conducted in strict compliance with the rules of armed conflicts, utmost professional manner, strict adherence to rules of engagement and respect for fundamental human rights and dignity.”

“The viral pictures being circulated have nothing in common with the ongoing operations. This callous action of linking ongoing operations with falsehood is deliberate and thus, seeks to tarnish the good image and reputation of the AFN.”

“For the record, the AFN conducts a fortnightly defence media operations brief in which pictures of the operations are displayed to complement achievements in the ongoing operations. Any attempt therefore to portray the AFN in a bad light as a crude force is unacceptable and unpatriotic.”

“We therefore urge the general public to please disregard the gory pictures. The AFN will not rest on it’s oars in performing the Constitutional mandate of ensuring that our nation remains safe and peaceful for all law abiding citizens. Thank you for your support and cooperation.”

Meanwhile, one the most trending pictures associated to such claims was debunked in a fact check by Nexus News.

In a google reverse image search, Nexus News discovered that the picture did not emerge from the Nigeria military operations, rather, it originated from North Korea during which the country was testing it’s weapons.

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