FACT CHECK: facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to shut down for 7days?

Reports have been circulating on social media alleging that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are scheduled to shut down for 7 days to commence an upgrade starting from Wednesday, 16th October, 2021.

These claims have been backed with a screenshot from Mark Zuckerberg facebook page, where he allegedly made the announcement.

Nexus News recalls that the trio social media platforms suffered a global outage that lasted six hours on Monday as a result of a faulty configuration change.

Although Facebook has not officially refuted the allegations, a fact check by Nexus News revealed that the post does not exist on Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

Nexus News visited Mark Zuckerberg’s official social media pages across social media platforms but no similar nor related post could be seen in record.

This implies that the picture was fabricated.

As a result of the recent global outage, Telegram became 5th most downloaded app from 56th.

Also, Mark Zuckerberg lost $7 billion and went down to No. 5 on the world’s rich people list on Bloomberg’s billionaire index.

Read Nigeria Network reports that the Silicon Valley techpreneur characterised the seven-hour outage as “the worst outage we’ve had in years” let alone, seven days.

Commenting on the development, Zuckerberg confessed he wasn’t worried about the money lost or the people who left for other social media platforms.

However, he was concerned about people who depend on his services to connect with loved ones, conduct business and engage communities.

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