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Fact-Check: Viral June 12 Abuja-Ibadan Protest Video

Fact-Check: Viral June 12 Abuja-Ibadan Protest Video

A viral video on Saturday morning has left many asking questions. The video went viral at the early hours of Nigeria’s Democracy day marked to commemorate the democratic election of MKO Abiola on June 12, 1993, in what has been adjudged to be Nigeria’s freest and fairest elections. It was, however, canceled by Ibrahim Babangida.

Information reached Nexus News that protesters have taken to the streets of Abuja to protest against bad governance and the recent suspension of twitter by the Buhari-led government. The suspension came following the deletion of Buhari’s tweet in what the micro-blogging platform called a violation of its policy.

There were also reports that protesters had gathered in an unspecified area in Ibadan, Oyo State with the same video as that of Abuja making rounds. This led to many asking if it was Abuja or Ibadan.


Where it happened


Our group of fact-checkers had employed fact-checking tools at our disposal to verify the accurate location of the video. Not just Abuja and Ibadan, different locations have been written as the videos’ caption that has led to a commotion of locations.


Nexus News reliable gathered that the protest took place in Benin City, the Edo State capital. Eyewitnesses also confirmed that it was around Uselu Areas to Textile Mill Junction Area.


When was the protest?

While many had said the video was a June 12 protest, available and reliable sources proved otherwise.

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The video was recorded during the EndSars protest; a protest staged to kick against  SARS unit and Police brutality as a whole.

This video was published seven months ago…not so June 12

Another video confirms the timing


Here is an October 19, 2020 article that further lays the argument to rest, read here.

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