Igbo Muslim Lady Averts Ethnic Crisis


A video on social media have been circulating showing a curbed attack in Port Hacourt.

The video, reportedly shared by a woman on social media displayed a badly injured man inside a tricycle surrounded by the woman and other men who were heard conversing in Hausa and English.

The woman, Aishat Obi by name, who claimed to be an Igbo Muslim lady, alleged that she was on her way to mile 3 in a public bus when she came across the ongoing attack along Peperoni road, Port Harcourt.

According to her, she compelled the bus driver to drop her at the scene despite everyone else was scurrying to safety.

She said the incident which happened at 2:30pm or there about involved Hausa Muslims and Igbo men throwing bottles, sticks and cutlasses at each other. This, she said was a counter attack by the Hausa men, whose kinsman was injured (injured man in the video) by an Igbo man.

In the video, the victim had sustained several bruises and a deep cut around his arm.

The video, which was accompanied by audio recordings indicated that the woman posed as an intermediary to deter further assaults by the men.

In the audio recordings, the woman explained that after serveral attempts, the Hausa men lowered their weapons and listened to her pleas to revoke their act of vengeance.

When asked, the Hausa men told her of how one Igbo man had attacked their kinsman without any reason.

To corroborate this, she asked the leader of the Igbo men, whom she referred to as ‘Biggie’ who confirmed the incident.

Speaking further in one of the audio recordings, she explained how she had risked coming inbetween the attackers and also utilising her position as an Igbo as well as a Muslim woman to preach about peace to the men.

This, according her, had served to restore calm amongst the people.

She also spoke about the negligence of the social media in unveiling the truth about ethnic and religious clashes prevalent in the region.

Conclusively, she called on Nigerians to hold onto unity regardless of differences so as to prevent havoc that only does harm than good.


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