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Israel: Former PM Netanyahu Vacates Official Residence -Nexus News

Israel: Former PM Netanyahu Vacates Official Residence -Nexus News

Israel’s former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has formally moved from his official Jerusalem residence nearly a month after he was ousted by his successor Naftali Bennett.

A spokesman for the family disclosed to  journalists in a statement earlier today that “a little after midnight the Netanyahu family left the residence on Balfour [Street],”

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that moving trucks were spotted outside the residence and black Audi cars were filmed being towed from the property over the weekend.

The official residence had become something close to a symbol of the Netanyahus’ scandals and was the scene of weekly protests against him for much of the past year.

Protesters called on the then-prime minister to resign while on trial for corruption. He had denied any wrongdoing and refused to step down.

Netanyahu was Israel’s longest-serving prime minister he served as prime minister for 12 straight years following an earlier three-year term.

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He refused to leave office even as he went to trial on charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust. He denies the charges and says they are a left-wing plot against him.

The former prime minister led Israel through four deeply divisive elections in less than two years before he was defeated by right-wing nationalist, Bennett, who was sworn in on June 13 to head an ideologically disparate coalition, unseating him.


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